EVOLUTIONARIES went on sale this week! You can order it here. We launched the book with a wonderful party Tuesday night in New York City—great to share this moment with so many good friends and like-minded colleagues. Here’s a picture from my first book signing:

I also gave an “old-school” reading which people seemed to enjoy—see the video below!

Other developments—the book has been #1 in Science & Religion on Amazon.com since it launched! And it got a rave review from leading industry journal Publishers Weekly, who called it “a masterful survey of the diverse ideas that make up the emerging field of Integral thought.” Read the full review here.

I’m working hard to make this book a bestseller! If you’d like to help spread the word, I would very much appreciate it. I’ve created a page with info on how you can help, including ready-to-post tweets, Facebook updates, etc. And above all, please recommend the book to all your friends!

My tour and media promotion plans throughout the summer and fall are taking shape. Upcoming events are listed here. Any suggestions for venues or media outlets are very welcome – please post in comments or contact me.

Here’s the video from my reading:

Last Friday I visited the studios of Big Think in New York City to talk with editor Jason Gots about my book.