coachingEven the greatest athletes need to work with coaches, and the same principle holds for many writers. If you’re a confident writer who’s prepared to write your own book, but feel that you could benefit from support, guidance, feedback, and accountability during the process, then my coaching service may be just what you’re looking for.

Coaching packages include a combination of regular telephone* consultations (45 – 60 minutes long), reviewing your writing, and providing feedback. You can create a customized package based on how often you would like to speak and how many pages of writing you would like me to review each month.

Each package begins with a 90-minute Coaching Orientation consultation in which we will review your goals for the book, your target audience, and your outline, and create a plan for the writing process. (If you do not already have an outline, I can share my process for creating one, and you may want to consider booking an Outlining Workshop before beginning your writing.)

In the weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly consultations, we will go over any questions you have, and review your progress, your goals, and your next steps. I will also suggest approaches to the writing process that may be helpful.

Between consultations, I will review the drafts you send and provide feedback on the clarity of communication, voice, structure, and style. I will also make suggestions for clarification, expansion of ideas, additional content, and restructuring, as needed. (Please note that I will NOT be doing detailed editing of your work during this process.)

* Consultations can also be held in person if you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


Coaching fees vary based on the frequency of consultations and the amount of content you plan on sending for me to review.

Here are some sample coaching packages – please contact me for a custom quote based on your specific needs or if you have any further questions.

Sample Package 1: For a first-time author looking to write a first draft in 3 months, working several hours a day on her book.

$1000/month, includes weekly telephone consultations (45-60 min) and review of up to 20,000 words of content per month.


Sample Package 2: For a more experienced writer, drafting a book over six months.

$500/month, includes bi-weekly telephone consultations (45-60 min) and review of up to 10,000 words of content per month.

Coaching fees are billed on a monthly basis, due on the first of the month, and packages can be adjusted from month to month if you find you need more or less time and input.

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