Manuscript Appraisal

UntitledA Manuscript Appraisal is a close reading and critique of your non-fiction book draft, with recommendations for further editing, restructuring, or rewriting, as well as an assessment of its suitability for your target audience and preferred publishing strategy. If you have written a draft of your book and are ready to seek feedback and perspective before moving into an editing process, my Manuscript Appraisal service is the ideal next step.¬†Please note — this service does not involve any editing of the manuscript.

A manuscript appraisal includes a close reading of your draft, in which I will consider the presentation of your ideas both from the perspective of a reader and the perspective of an editor. After reading your manuscript, I will provide written feedback and recommendations for improvements in the following areas:

  • Clarity and accessibility of key ideas
  • Structure and narrative development
  • Consistency and quality of voice
  • Thematic development and focus
  • Writing style and quality
  • Strengths and weaknesses in relationship to your target audience and preferred publishing strategy

This service also includes a 90-minute telephone consultation to discuss my feedback and recommendations and answer any questions you many have.

COST: Manuscript Appraisal costs are based on the length of your manuscript.

Base rate (up to 50,000 words): $1500

For each additional 10,000 words or part thereof, add $100.

Please contact me if you are interested in a Manuscript Appraisal

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