My Islam

My Islam

Collaborating with Amir Ahmad Nasr on My Isl@m was a privilege — I’m delighted to have played a part in bringing this important story to the page. Here’s what reviewers said about this memoir:

“Nasr seamlessly blends memoir with political thought and activism. The book smoothly follows his journey out of a simplistic understanding of Islam, through rationalism and semi-atheism, towards a conversion to Sufism. Personal history . . . is the book’s strongest aspect, delivered in Nasr’s casual, conversational tone. . . A valuable and enjoyable read.”

Publishers Weekly, starred review


“Structured wittily around a love affair with Islam, Nasr’s account is straightforward, fluent and full of lively allusions for further readings. A candid, cosmopolitan look at the experience of Islam in the digital age.”

– Kirkus Reviews

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