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Celebrating client Cindy Wigglesworth’s book launch at Book Expo America 2012

Every project I’ve worked on has been a unique collaboration, tailored to the needs of the client. I think of each project as a partnership, and I cocreate the collaborative process with my clients as well as their books. This flexible and adaptive approach allows for a deeper integration of my skill-set with each client’s strengths, needs, and particular circumstances.

My role in the collaboration can range from editor or coach to ghostwriter or co-author. I write book proposals, write and edit books, review and critique manuscripts, and support my clients through the publishing process. Some projects call for an intensive, focused approach; others are long-term partnerships spanning several months or years.

If you’re interested in potentially collaborating with me on your project, read on to learn about the kinds of projects I work on, then consider the Starting Points below or contact me to discuss your needs.


What I Work On


I select projects to which I feel I can genuinely contribute something, and projects I think I can learn from. I choose clients with whom I feel I can collaborate creatively and openly, and I think they choose me for the same reasons. I’m proud that most of my clients come to me through the kind referrals of former clients.

My interests are eclectic and I’m always open to new directions, but my projects tend to fall within the realms of business, self-help, spirituality, food/nutrition, and health. I’d love to collaborate on a wine book some day! My clients are often working in emerging or cross-disciplinary fields, like integrative health or conscious business. I’ve recently ventured into the new territory of memoir, which I am enjoying very much. I’ve never done fiction, but one client is determined to convince me to write a sci-fi series with her. Given that I didn’t “do” memoir before she convinced me to take her current project, anything is possible…

I work with self-published and traditionally published authors, on print and e-books.


Starting Points


If you’re thinking about writing a book, but are not sure where to start, consider booking an introductory consultation, which will help you get oriented.

This could be followed by a longer workshop or intensive that can help you to flush out your ideas and answer the foundational questions any author needs to consider. This can also serve as a way for both of us to feel out whether a longer term collaboration would be fruitful.

If you’ve written a draft of your book and are looking for editing or feedback, a manuscript appraisal may be the right step for you.

If none of the above fit your needs, please contact me to discuss how we might collaborate.

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